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July 2021: Manuscript on micromotion minimization

We have submitted our manuscript Gerard Higgins, Shalina Salim, Chi Zhang, Harry Parke, Fabian Pokorny, Markus Hennrich, Micromotion minimization using Ramsey interferometry, arXiv:2107.01902.

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In trapped ion systems the trapping electric field must be carefully controlled. In this work we introduce and demonstrate new techniques which allow us to minimize unwanted electric fields at the ions’ position fast and precisely via interferometric pulse sequences.

May 2020: Manuscript on magic trapping

We have submitted our manuscript Fabian Pokorny, Chi Zhang, Gerard Higgins and Markus Hennrich, Magic trapping of a Rydberg ion with a diminished static polarizability, arXiv:2005.12422.

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In this work we report the realization of a microwave-dressed Rydberg states with vanishing polarizability. In this way, we make the Rydberg ion insensitive to low-frequency electric fields. This allows us to achieve magic trapping of a Rydberg system for the first time. We demonstrate Rabi oscillations between a low-lying electronic state and the magically trapped Rydberg state.